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Nearly 10 years ago, you could find Jeff Cozzens scrubbing the floors of a 200 year-old building along the Ammonoosuc River in downtown Littleton in the early morning hours. This was his new business, he had just finished tending bar for the evening, and failure was not an option.


Jeff had left his job as a national security expert to start a craft brewery in the North Country alongside his family and best friend—a region better known for old mills than craft beer. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Jeff was told repeatedly that his venture would fail, that he foolishly left an already-successful career, and that his new business wouldn’t last a year.


It was the beginning of an entirely new chapter in Jeff’s life.


Jeff had spent the first half of his career as one of America’s pre-eminent experts on terrorists like Al-Qaida. His expertise in the years after September 11, 2001 helped defend America from further attacks and take the fight to jihadists.


But with a young family that meant more to him than any career path, Jeff was looking for a place to raise his daughters the way he and his wife were brought up.

In the North Country, Jeff found a community that shared the values that he and Monica held—and it didn’t hurt that he was now able to snowshoe and hunt deer right out of his backyard.


Jeff still helps clean up at the brewery, but now Schilling Beer Co. is one of the North Country’s largest employers and one of the best breweries in the world. Schilling has also played an essential role in generating destination tourism buzz for the region and Jeff’s adopted hometown of Littleton, contributing to it's economic revitalization.

Jeff’s story is the promise of America. Today, companies like Schilling and families like his provide the foundation for communities across the Granite State, reinvesting every cent they make for years back into their companies, growing jobs that provide opportunities for many, and encouraging others to start businesses.


Starting and growing a family-owned business in the North Country has been the honor of a lifetime for Jeff because it’s about so much more than “business” - it’s about making dreams come true through hard work, sacrifice and faith.


Now as a candidate for Congress, Jeff is bringing his unique perspective to confront the challenges facing our country.


For too long, Washington DC elitists have told Granite Staters how to live their lives, raise their families, and run their businesses. They think they know better than you. Many of them wouldn’t bet their life savings on the American dream. In fact, politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Annie Kuster want a different kind of America, where success isn’t earned, but given by government central planners and bureaucrats, who push a victim mentality and increasing dependence on the government.


D.C. politicians don’t understand or care about the freedoms that matter to Granite Staters. They mock the Second Amendment, support one-size-fits-all mandates, and shrug off one of the most epic foreign policy blunders since the Vietnam War in Afghanistan—a debacle that has America’s enemies smelling retreat and our allies questioning our reliability.

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We need new leadership.


As a small business owner, Jeff will fight against waste and red tape in government, and work to keep your money where it belongs: in your pockets.


As a national security expert, Jeff will pursue an American foreign policy prioritizing peace and security through strength, not political expedience.


As a life-long sportsman and gun owner, Jeff will stand up for the constitutional freedoms that we cherish.


Jeff, his wife Monica, and their two daughters are active in local charities and non-profits that support the North Country, as well as within their church. Beyond his faith and family, hunting, fly-fishing and football are his lifelong passions. Jeff has also served as President of the New Hampshire Brewers Association, successfully guiding New Hampshire’s $500M craft beer industry through COVID. Gov. Chris Sununu appointed him to the Board of Trustees of the Community College System of NH, and to the Commission on Demographics. He was also a member of the Commission on Beer, Wine and Liquor Tourism.